Ad Valorem Wealth Management Strategies


Ad Valorem Wealth Management have established an outstanding reputation for providing first class financial planning combined with exceptional investment expertise to our clients over many years.

Ad Valorem Wealth Management’s origins go back to 1985 and today we are part of the Perspective Financial Group who are a national financial advisory business.

We have always been at the forefront of our profession and today we are proud to confirm our trading status as Chartered Financial Planners.

In addition all of our client facing advisers are professionally qualified Associates of the Institute of Financial Planning.

Our philosophy over time has not changed and whilst we embrace modern technology and investment techniques, we aim to serve our clients with timeless core values which are to:

  1. Provide professional impartial financial advice
  2. Incorporate technical excellence
  3. Deliver exceptional client service

Where we believe appropriate for clients, we are now able to offer a customised active managed portfolio service which combines the investment expertise that we have built up over many years with the asset allocation and fund selection expertise of Cambridge Investments Limited who like Ad Valorem Wealth Management, are also part of Perspective Financial Group.

In designing this service we have identified key portfolio strategies that cover the range of many client objectives and requirements and this offers the opportunity of a discretionary managed portfolio at a highly competitive cost combining the skills and expertise of Ad Valorem Wealth Management and Cambridge Investments Limited.

The basis of the service is that the strategic investment strategy will be implemented by the Investment Committee comprising Ad Valorem Directors, Derek C Baptist ACSI and Ceri H Robbins Chartered Financial Planner together with Cambridge’s James Bruce Investment Manager and Chartered Financial Planner.

The Investment Committee meets quarterly to determine that the asset allocation meets the strategic objectives of each strategy, taking account of prevailing economic and investment market conditions. The asset allocation is a critical factor underpinning the fund selections and determining investment returns.  Cambridge Investments Limited then completes the fund selection and going forward manage that strategy on a discretionary managed basis which means that you provide your authority for funds to be switched within your own portfolio, without your prior consent as deemed necessary, in order to align your holdings with our agreed strategy.

All portfolios are benchmarked to recognised industry standards and accordingly peer performance can be assessed over time.

We believe that the Ad Valorem Wealth Management Portfolio Strategies offer clients and investors a significant opportunity to benefit from Professional investment expertise at a reasonable cost.

Derek C Baptist ACSI
Managing Director
Ad Valorem Wealth Management Solutions Ltd

Strategies Brochure

pdf_logo  Ad Valorem Strategies Brochure

Cambridge Investments Limited

Since 1971, Cambridge Investments Limited (CIL) has been managing clients’ assets.

Cambridge Investments was an early contributing member of The National Association of Securities Dealers and Investment Managers (NASDIM). The company is an Authorised Discretionary Investment Management firm and is a member of The Wealth Management Association.

The investment managers at Cambridge Investments Ltd have many years of investment experience. A commitment to ongoing research into investment markets, investment houses and individual fund managers have enabled them to establish an enviable knowledge that they bring to bear in both the construction and active management of investment portfolios.

In more recent years, the developments of investment platforms have enabled CIL’s investment expertise to be offered to a far wider audience. Increasingly financial planners have embraced the benefits to outsourcing the day-to-day active investment decisions of their clients’ portfolios to an investment manager. CIL’s investment expertise is now available through a range of different investment platforms.

The Ad Valorem Portfolio Strategies are managed by CIL from their Cambridge Office.


Cambridge Investment Limited annual management charge is 0.36%, including VAT.

Ad Valorem charges – Please refer to your Client Agreement for Ad Valorem’s charges which are in addition to Cambridge Investment Limited charges.

Please note: The value of your Investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you have invested.